01. Just One Day
02. 썸
03. Remix
04. See Through
05. Peter Pan
06. Officially Missing You
07. Goodbye Summer
08. 좋아요
09. I'm Sorry
10. Beautiful
11. Shower Later
12. Who You
13. What Is Love
14. Propose


are you even same person

Ryeowook said on sukira on 07/18 (regarding gay relationships) that even if you can’t get the approval of the world… you don’t need anyone else’s approval to love someone

White people: Remember 911
White people: Remember the Holocaust
White people: Remember The Alamo
White people: Remember the American Revolution
White people: Remember Pearl Harbor
White people: Slavery? Come on are you still stuck on that? It's time to move on that was yearsssssss ago no one cares anymore


Is IKEA even real

Anonymous: Could you give me the general idea of what that post from kai is about? Pretty please I cant find a translate


i’ll just translate the whole thing because it’s the least i can do ^^

Hello, it’s your exo’s Kai (he literally said "your" as if he were our’s). I think it’s been a really long time since we’ve been able to meet you guys on a stage that isn’t at our concert. It’s so good to see you all and I’m so happy which is why I have suddenly appeared after a long time to post this message~ As expected, performing on stage while being with you all is always a happy experience. Today a lot of you fans came to see us, cheered hard for us and sang along to our songs, and you always give us strength. It would be nice if you guys all found strength after seeing us too ㅎㅎ. This has been a message from Kai, who is always enjoying the stage with the fans and who is happy being together with you guys. To all the fans who came tonight, thank you~!! P.S. To all the exo fans who couldn’t attend the show tonight and supported us through the TV, thank you aswell. Let’s make it that we will definitely meet sometime later~~~ I love you.”

god he’s such an angel


113/ sehun moments: just too cute


First Ep of Bangtan’s American Hustle Life summarized: I came to LA to have a good time and honestly I feel so attacked right now.