01. Just One Day
02. 썸
03. Remix
04. See Through
05. Peter Pan
06. Officially Missing You
07. Goodbye Summer
08. 좋아요
09. I'm Sorry
10. Beautiful
11. Shower Later
12. Who You
13. What Is Love
14. Propose
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me: i want to draw
me: *starts drawing* i don't want to do this anymore


D. Residence, Lengau, Austria by LP Architektur | via

In place of a modest masonry house with a neighboring stable evolved a small, freely grouped “hamlet” consisting of two residential buildings and a small storage shed. The original ensemble on the forest edge radiated an organically developed and relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by the “genius loci”, the architect reinterpreted the traditional rural timber buildings: For instance, the optical transparency in the vertical cladding of farm buildings is employed in the design of the front façade with the entrance area behind it. Several bench elements are integrated in and between the houses.

Tom Lechner sees contemporary interpretations of historical precedents “not only as an aspiration but the only right answer for the development of such projects in rural areas” – in this case for the second residence of a conductor and his large family.

The garage door is flush with the façade and barely perceivable. The car disappears in all of its environmental detriments. As a counterpart to theclient’s city life, “a place of retreat and rural identity” should be created where “one is happy to arrive, relaxes, and departs recharged with energy.

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